First Love (1996)

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  • Title: 첫사랑 / Cheot Sarang
  • Genre: Drama, romance
  • Episodes: 66
  • Broadcast network: KBS2
  • Broadcast period: Sep 7, 1996 – Apr 20, 1997
  • Air time: Saturday, Sunday


Sung Chan-woo and Sung Chan-hyuk live in the poor suburbs of Seoul with their father, trying to get through the hardships of life. When Chan-woo (Bae Yong-joon) finds out that his high school crush Hyo-kyung (Lee Seung-yeon) is dating his older brother Chan-hyuk (Choi Soo-jong), his heart breaks. But not all is rosy between Hyo-kyung and Chan-hyuk, as Hyo-kyung’s rich gangster father and uncle are unhappy about their precious girl dating a poor aspiring artist, and wreak havoc on their relationship. When a mysterious accident caused by Hyo-kyung’s uncle leaves Chan-hyuk in a paralyzed state, Chan-woo, by then a rebellious law student, gives up a promising career and joins the underground world of the mafia so he can seek revenge on Hyo-kyung’s family in payment for his own family’s suffering. Waiting patiently in the wings is Suk-hee (Choi Ji-woo) who has never given up on her love for Chan-woo.

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3 years ago

hi kira, all episodes for First Love seems to have broken audio. Can you have a look please? Thanks.

Reply to  KiraLamperouge
3 years ago

Hi Kira, just wondering have you check out the issue? Any progress?