Sanae Rak Nang Cin (2018)

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  • Title: เสน่ห์รักนางซิน / My Cinderella Girl , Love of Cinderella
  • Genre: Comedy, Romance
  • Episodes: 12
  • Broadcast network: Channel 3
  • Broadcast period: Apr 28, 2018 – May 25, 2018
  • Air time: Friday, Saturday, Sunday



Prim is an orphan. She and her two best friends, Boot and Rita, work at one of P. Paul’s shoe stores and Prim dreams of becoming a shoe designer. After an incident, they get fired from their jobs and decide to go on vacation to Phuket. There, the girls attend a party while pretending to be rich. At the party they meet Phuree, Wat and Touch. They’re all rich and Phuree is the heir of P. Paul’s shoe brand.
Their relationship started as Phuree wanted to show that Prim and her buddies were deceivers, so the guys also lied about who they really are to get closer to the girls and lure them into confessing. But after spending so much time together, Phuree and Prim fell in love.
Though they confessed that they loved each other, things didn’t ended up. As Prim found out Phuree’s real identity and that he already had a fiancee.


Episodes ~ 540p

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Subtitle Status : English Hard-Subbed !!

Episode 01 – 02: Download
Episode 03 – 04: Download
Episode 05 – 06: Download
Episode 07 – 08: Download
Episode 09 – 10: Download
Episode 11 – 12: Download

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May Thu
May Thu
3 years ago

Can I get srt files ?
Because I want to translate to my native language
thank you