The Taoism Grandmaster – OST

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The Taoism Grandmaster OST | 玄门大师

Track list:



01. Ivyan (严艺丹) – Known Love Lost (恍然知爱)

02. Ivyan (严艺丹) – Asked (问道) (Solo Version)

03. Ivyan (严艺丹), Huihui (和汇慧) – Asked (问道) (Duet Version)

04. Ivyan (严艺丹) – Known Love Lost (恍然知爱) (Inst.)

05. Ivyan (严艺丹) – Asked (问道) (Solo Version Inst.)

06. Ivyan (严艺丹), Huihui (和汇慧) – Asked (问道) (Duet Version Inst.)

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