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Guardian OST | 镇魂

Track list:



01. White (白宇), Zhu Yi Long (朱一龙) – Time Flight (时间飞行)

02. Xueran Chen (陈雪燃) – We Won’t be Falling

03. Li Qi (李琦) – Time Flight (时间飞行)

04. Hexuan Zhang (张赫宣) – Beginner’s Heart (初心)

05. Kun Luo (罗锟) – Soul of The Living (生者之魂)

06. Xueran Chen (陈雪燃) – Perfunctory (乱心曲)

07. Kun Luo (罗锟) – Mourning Power (笃念力)

08. Xueran Chen (陈雪燃) – Kunlun (昆仑)

09. Kun Luo (罗锟) – Sinking (沈巍)

10. Xueran Chen (陈雪燃) – Jueyan (诀焰)

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