Society Game S01 (2016)

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  • Title: 소사이어티 게임
  • Genre: Reality, K-Shows
  • Episodes: 12
  • Broadcast network: tvN
  • Broadcast period: 16 Oct 2016


The Society Game is South Korean TV reality. A mock society game show will unfold in a controlled village environment over 14 days between 22 contestants. If you complete the challenges given to you and survive until the end, 150 million won (approximately $150,000) will be yours. Join the special survival game about society and leaders.

Episodes ~ 540p

NOTE: if The link of An Episode or The Subtitle is broken or dead, Please Report it in The Comments !!


Subtitle Link: English-Subtitle
Episode 01: Download
Episode 02 – 04: Download
Episode 05 – 08: Download
Episode 09 – 12: Download

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4 years ago

Where did episode 1 go? It’s not in the list with the other links.
Haven’t seen this series anywhere else yet, I hope we can get episode 1. Thanks!