The Mayor (2017)

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Byun, the Mayor of Seoul who is in his second term, announces his plans to run for mayor again while hinting the political party of his ultimate goal to run for the presidency. A heavily-resourced campaign team is formed, headed by the campaign manager Shim who is known as a crafty politician, while Park, a young prodigy from advertising, is recruited for fresh perspectives in the re-election campaign. But one obstacle after another is thrown their way while his opposing candidate is in the lead. And soon, the dirty realities of politics soil everyone’s hands.



  • Title: 특별시민/ Teukbyeolsimin , Special Citizen
  • Genre: Drama, Political
  • Run-time: 2 hr. 10 min.
  • Release Date: Apr 26, 2017
  • Download Links: 540p | 720p
  • Subtitle: English-SubSubscene Link


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