Jang Hui-bin (1961)

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King Sukjong exalts a greedy concubine to the status of Bin, which is next to that of the Queen. The new Bin, who is now called Jang Hui-bin, drives out the Queen through a coup and takes her place. But thanks to loyal court officials, the King finds out what has been going on. He demotes Jang to Bin again and reinstates his Queen. Jang, now vindictive, conspires with her mother to kill the queen and reclaim her place. But the conspiracy is brought to light, and Jang is executed.



  • Title: 장희빈 /lady jang / jang hee bin
  • Genre: Drama, History
  • Run-time: 126 Mins
  • Release Date: 23 Sep 1961
  • Download Links: 480p
  • Subtitle:  Internal-> English


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