Yotsuba Ginko Harashima Hiromi ga mono mosu! – Kono Hito ni Kakero (2019)

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  • Title: よつば銀行 原島浩美がモノ申す! ~この女に賭けろ~
  • Genre: Business, Romance, Drama
  • Episodes: 8
  • Broadcast network: TV Tokyo
  • Broadcast period: Jan 21, 2019 – Mar 11, 2019



Harashima Hiromi had worked at the headquarters of Yotsuba Bank since she joined the metropolitan bank straight out of college. However, she has a very strong sense of justice and caused an incident three years ago. This resulted in her secondment to an affiliate company. This time, Hiromi is selected to head the Corporate Sales Division at the Taito branch as part of Yotsuba Bank’s project on women who excel, and ordered to turn around the struggling bank branch. As a bank employee who puts customers first, she works on reorganising the bank branch with bold ideas and energy.



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Episode 01: 540p | 720p
Episode 02: 540p | 720p
Episode 03: 540p | 720p
Episode 04: 540p | 720p
Episode 05: 540p | 720p
Episode 06: 540p | 720p
Episode 07: 540p | 720p
Episode 08: 540p | 720p

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