Konna Mirai Wa Kiitenai!! (2018)

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  • Title: Konna Mirai Wa Kiitenai!!
  • Genre: Drama
  • Episodes: 11
  • Broadcast network: TBS
  • Broadcast period: Oct-2018



I can not let them be selfish. Cheating husband. A male and female base man. Sexual harassment manager. Infidelity man. Stubborn father. Women who have endured selfish and domineering words and actions by men until today. But, they decide to stand up. “As long as we are going to lose our lives, they have not been disappointed, they do not endure, we will not fight, we will definitely fight, we will absolutely look back at their women who can not do anything anyway” .



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Source: AOZ

Subtitle Status: Not Available Yet

Episode 01: 540p | 720p
Episode 02: 540p | 720p
Episode 03: 540p | 720p
Episode 04: 540p | 720p
Episode 05: 540p | 720p
Episode 06: 540p | 720p
Episode 07: 540p | 720p
Episode 08: 540p | 720p
Episode 09: 540p | 720p
Episode 10: 540p | 720p

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