A de wa Nai Kimi to SP (2018)

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  • Title: Aではない君と / A de wa nai Kimi to
  • Genre: Drama
  • Episodes: 1
  • Broadcast network: TV-Tokyo
  • Broadcast period: 21 September 2018



Yoshinaga Keiichi (Sato Koichi) is the head of the planning department at a major construction company, and has been put in charge of a new project to build a museum. One day, he receives a phone call from his ex-wife Aoba Junko (Toda Naho). She says their son Tsubasa (Sugita Rairu), a second-year junior high school student who is living separately, has been arrested for the murder of a fellow student. Tsubasa’s real name and other personal information have been exposed on the internet. A rattled Yoshinaga visits the lawyer Nagato Mitsutaka (Yashima Norito). He immediately interviews Tsubasa but the boy remains silent and will not even open up to his father. The victim’s father turns out to be Fujii Tomoyasu (Nakamura Toru), a lawyer who settled a shoplifting case that Tsubasa committed a short while ago, according to information from a magazine journalist Nakao Toshiki (Yamamoto Koji). Would Tsubasa have killed the son of man whom he is indebted to? Tsubasa’s silence results in his case being referred to a prosecutor. This in other words increases the likelihood of criminal proceedings in a public trial. Nagato gives up and introduces them to Kanzaki Kyoko (Amami Yuki), a lawyer with three children of her own, in the hopes of changing the present situation. Although Kyoko devotes herself to father and son, Tsubasa continues to assume a defiant attitude. Kyoko soon learns about the existence of the attendant system where a guardian can take a position similar to a lawyer and proposes this idea to Yoshinaga. Yoshinaga gradually regains awareness of his responsibility as a father and begins to confront the truth.



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